25 July, 2024 13:05 IST
Online Trading

Dear Valued Customer,

You can now trade online with a broker of your choice on the myiris platform.If your broker is available on myiris you can trade directly from the site. Alternately you may wish to register with one of the brokers given below.

For those whose broker is available on the site.

Your broker would have already given you a user name and password. In case he has not get in touch with your broker immediately.

Upon clicking on the "current price" of any scrip you will be directed to a page where you would select the broker you wish to trade with (as you may be a customer of several brokers).

After the above selection you would be taken to the login page of that broker wherein you can put in your user name and password and proceed to the Live Order window of the scrip you had clicked on (and presumably interested to trade in).

Alternately you may directly click on the trade button given below.

For those who would like to register with the below mentioned broker.

For those who are registering (click on the register button) with the broker for the first time you will have to wait for the brokers approval and your access login and password.

If you are already a registered member with any of the brokers below then you can directly click on the trading button or
If you want to register with the broker for online trading then click on the register button against the broker with whom you wish to register for e- trading
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